Frequently Asked Questions

How does the agent work?

The agent is the brains behind most of what we do. The agent is unprivileged so installation can not introduce new vulnerabilities. You can read about the specifics in our documentation or we’re happy to chat.

What if I have 1000+ servers?

We can easily work with you for a larger deployment. The purpose of the agent on th site is really for people to ‘play’ with it and see some value before an enterprise rollout.

Do you support my tech stack?

Most likely, yes. As long as your servers are linux based, we are good: Ubuntu, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, check. We can work with cloud, on-premise and hybrid infrastructure. If you are interested in Windows support, let us know.

What makes you guys different?

Common wisdom is cyber-security is a crowded market. Yet most developer teams we talk with don’t have a clear security plan — especially when it comes to servers and systems. We decided to build a security solution we ourselves want: developer-friendly, installs immediately, no buzzwords, transparent pricing. 

What's a Typical Use Case?

Security and DevSecOps typically focuses on application security, i.e., the code of your app. However, this misses the other 50% of the stack: your infrastructure and systems. For example, does your app run ImageKick?… It’s very likely you’re sitting on a rats nest of vulnerabilities and lacking any actionable insight into the specifics. Outside of threat detection, we can also automate various aspects around compliance and audit.

I have some doubts...

Questioning assumptions is a good start to proactive security! We’d love to talk and convince you of our worthiness. Feel free to reach out via chat (lower right corner of this screen) or email us: [email protected]