Linux Integrity Management

Proofzero eliminates an attackers incentives by making attacks on our customer extremely resource-intensive. We work across complex and dynamic environments whether on-prem, cloud or container.

Our core technology is rooted in the concept of attestation: or proof of integrity (hence our name). We focus on platform and operating system security: securing your servers, databases and containers from potential breach or disruption.

We use polymorphic verification techniques to establish a root of trust between a known ‘safe state’ and the state of your fleet. Our active defense, unique Linux observability and rules engine combine for a robust toolset for real-time, continuous security.

Product Features

Active Defense with Attestation

Active defense eliminates entire categories of attack and protects against threats like persistence. We don't simply alert you to issues: we actively defend you.

Linux Posture Analysis

Our smart agent observes and analyzes systems data to help baseline current security posture. We then intelligently coach you through key remediations to harden your posture.

Virtualized Immutability

Our dynamic freeze the profiles of measured instances. Think of this as a lightweight version of immutable infrastructure: know when instances drift from their expected state.

Rules Engine with Smart Tags

It's like robotic process automation (RPA) for security. Apply tag-based rules across your fleet. For example, create a measured profile from a single machine and instantly replicate across all machines.

Role Based Access Controls

Using our API keys once you have invited teammates to your account you can use Proofzero as an audit trail relating to changes made within our app.

Expedite Compliance

Automating compliance is impossible, but Proofzero can help tick off many of the boxes faster for: SOC I, SOC II and PCI-DSS compliance. Contact us to learn more.