Your (SaaS) Security Team

Proofzero offers developer friendly security and compliance solutions that scale with your needs. We secure your severs and systems, automate the mundane and provide an evolving task list unique to your tech stack and priorities. 

Getting Started is Easy...

-Installs in under 5 minutes

-Uses an unprivileged agent 

-Works with any Linux server


Security Using Attestation

Proofzero uses continuous attestations to automate security.

Our agent captures telemetry data such as IMA measurements to observe, audit and prove the safety of your servers and systems.

Your Partner in Secure Systems & Code

Proofzero identifies threats and runs diagnostics on your servers and systems. We then help you construct an actionable plan, scalable with your needs

Our attestation technology builds real-time infrastructure fingerprints (down to the individual file level). These fingerprints can be frozen in time, duplicated and compared against a master, ideal state.

Smart Checklists

Security doesn’t need to be complex.

The Proofzero smart checklist system builds a prioritized list of security tasks unique to your company. As you complete tasks, our agent verifies them as done, and crosses them off your list.

Compliance got you down? We can also work with you on checklist automation for: SOC 1, SOC 2 and PCI compliance.

Attestations this Week
Issues Dicovered

There When You Need Us

Proofzero wants to be your first call when security questions or concerns arise. 

We strive to meet you where you are with a scalable platform helping your team focus on the highest leverage tasks while we automate the boring stuff.

When it’s time for your next task or anytime assistance is needed, reach out on Slack (or chat) and we’ll be in touch.