DevSecOps as a Service

Proofzero helps you understand what is happening under the hood of your servers and systems. We offer automated threat detection at a fraction of the traditional cost combined with an always evolving security task list unique to your stack.

Getting Started is Easy...

Start by installing our agent on any Linux based server. Yes,
we're compatible with AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure.

Our agent then runs your first attestation. We collect a ton of information about your servers, systems and vulnerabilities.

Next we identify your actionable security risks and assemble them in a smart checklist where we work with you to automate fixes.

Security via Attestation

Proofzero focuses on proactive security: our agent runs continuous attestations, scanning your servers taking IMA measurements and comparing your system code to our known ‘truth’ state.

Your Partner in Secure Systems & Code

Proof0 wants to be your first call when security questions arise. Simply add us via Slack or chat for real-time assistance. Coming soon: remote service offerings.

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